Friday, July 6, 2012

5 Ways to Break Free from the Scale

I'm sure we've all been there. We start working out, we start eating right, our clothes start to feel better, but the scale won't budge.

Then you've probably heard that because muscle mass is denser than fat but leaner, that it weighs more but you get smaller. That's where the measurements of your waist and hips and other places help in showing you that you are progressing.

But it still gets frustrating when you get on the scale and the number is the same or more. . .

I know the truths, I've read years of articles from my subscription to Self Magazine to hear the same things over and over. It still doesn't change how I feel!

This is the struggle I am having right now and while I know I am improving and can feel and see it in my body, the scale has gone up. I am going the right direction in my behavior, but I can't help but feel deflated when the scale is up 6.5 pounds from just 2 months ago.

Often you would hear me get on the scale and yell, "I give up!" (Though I know I'm not really going to give up!) But how will I ever reach my 10 pound loss goal this month if the scale won't budge!?

The scale is like that person in your life that knows you are becoming a better person, and encourages you sometimes along the way, but then sometimes, when you need it most, doesn't offer any encouragement. When that happens, we usually will seek out our more supportive friends and family in our life right?

Same goes for fitness.

When I feel defeated after getting on the scale, I find myself easily slipping into thinking what I could've done differently yesterday, or kicking myself for taking a bite of those peanut butter bites in my fridge. But then I have to quickly kick those negative thoughts to the curb and tell myself to forget yesterday. It's done. Focus on today and making good decisions today and believing that I'm headed the right direction no matter what the scale says.

Distract yourself. Feel empowered with encouraging yourself in other ways. Go seek out your other "friends"!

Here are the ways that I do it:
  • Checking off workouts in my calendar
Really on top of it!
Though sometimes not...
  • Putting on that goal outfit (in my case a cute dress) and making a mental note of what looks better and where it fits better.
  • Noticing my improvements such as being able to do more weight on my barbell squat from the week before. Actually noticing the improvements and being proud of it!
  • Looking at my "Before" photos (scary but it helps!)
  • Telling myself that it's not a sprint, it's a marathon. I'm not going to see the results I dream of in a month. But in a year, I'm going to look fantastic! 

Eventually your grumpy scale friend will lighten up and encourage you again, you just gotta give that buddy some space!

In what ways do you feel prisoner to your scale? How much weight do you give it when it doesn't "tell" you what you wanna hear? What are ways you break free from the dreaded scale?

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  1. Excellent tips. I especially like the one about noticing improvements. After all, it's really unnecessary to check the scale all the time. What matters is how you feel and how the clothes fit. The number on the scale is irrelevant.

    ♥ It's Carmen

    1. That is so true! I am constantly reminding myself to put more weight on how I feel!

  2. Great advice! I actually just finished writing tomorrow's Bridal Fitness post that relates to this. I've been gaining weight lately, and it's driving me NUTS! You really do just want to give up, even though you know you can't =P It's neverending, it seems!

    1. Thanks Sarah! It is never ending isn't it! At least we can hang on to the fact that at least it is all bringing us in the right direction no matter how frustrating it gets! lol.


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