Friday, June 29, 2012

"She is clothed in Strength" Printable & Pep Talk

It's Friday! While I love the weekend because we usually go to the beach or do something water related, I fear it because I can't resist the beer on the beach, the cocktail at the bar, and the pizza that everyone else is eating. It is a struggle that I am sick of! All week I do great, eat as best I can, workout everyday, but the weekend comes and I reverse all of my hard work. What is with me?!

It's laziness on my part. Giving in to the temptations of food and drinks. It's just easier to give in and say well there is always tomorrow, right?

No way!

It has to stop. At some point you have to tell yourself, "I have a goal and I'm gonna get there! I'll be darned if I'm the one stopping me!"

Which brings me to a line of scripture that has spoken to me for so long, and has been the inspiration for why I started this blog. It is a reminder of who I want to be, what I want to live for.

I will try to post every week an inspirational quote or scripture to get you going and keep motivated. You never know when some simple words can move you! Sometimes it can be stuff I have pinned on Pinterest that get me going or printable versions of quotes I have loved over the years or my own words that you can download and hang on your bulletin board or put in a frame. :-)

Get your free download of this print from my Scribd account. This version is a PDF and it doesn't have the url on the image. :-)

Here is to living the STRONG life!

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