Friday, June 15, 2012

15 Day Love Boost Challenge - Day 1

Alright, are we ready to be better at Love? I sure am. This couldn't have come at a better time for me and I'm definitely going to have fun with this. I hope you do to!

So today starts Part 1 of the Challenge which focuses on God. The way this will work for the whole challenge is that you will have the challenge for the day, than tomorrow you will do the second challenge along with today's challenge, the third day you will do day 1 and day 2 with the third challenge and so on. I know by day 15 it might be tough to do all 15 challenges, but all you can do is your best and as long as you feel you are being conscious about your loving effort, than you are doing exactly what I hope for! I am hoping that one, if not more, of these challenges become a new habit for you. :-)

Oh and while you are at it, if you would like, you can buy a small notebook or journal for a few of the challenges coming in the next few days. I think I might head to Target to get myself a cute small spiral notebook for this!

Now, on to the challenge. . . 

Day 1
Give Thanks
Our mornings are the best time to set the tone for your day. You could be getting up thinking how you wish you could skip the day, or how you hate work, or that you are just so gosh down tired! Or maybe you get up and are in robot/zombie mode until you have your coffee. So here is where your challenge lies. You will give thanks to God for giving you another day. The moment you open your eyes, and turn off your alarm, say out loud or in your head.
"Thank you God for this day you have given me."
Maybe you are tired and can barely fight another day, or maybe you are one that goes through the motions of life without really taking in the fact that you are alive. That you have another chance to do what you didn't do yesterday. Say that line every morning and the gratitude could set your mood to want to tackle your day like it is a gift.
Well it is a gift, thank you Lord!!! Think about how many of those we love or know who have lost their days...
You will do this for the next 14 days of this challenge. So if you want to hang a post it note at your bedside, do so! Just make this the first thing you do!
Now today you are already awake, so give your thanks sometime today. In the shower, in the car, while you eat, or right now.

Not too hard, right? Get ready, we got 14 more! Be sure to comment below or better yet, take it to The Strong Life's Facebook Page! I want to hear from you!

Where did you give thanks today? Don't be afraid to share especially if you did when you were in the bathroom, lol. Hey, sometimes that is our only time of quiet!

Want to get your friend's involved in this with you? Pin the pic on this page, share on Facebook or Tweet about it! Let's all live a STRONG life!

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