Wednesday, June 27, 2012

15 Day Love Boost Challenge - Day 13

How are you doing with the water challenge we added yesterday? I actually got a late start in my day which usually happens when the hubs doesn't have a flight. It is hard to have a set schedule when I try to live by his schedule and he doesn't have one. He often doesn't know what he's doing until the night before, which I can't stand as a control freak! lol. Well, I've only had 2 glasses so far but I usually am pretty good at catching up!

Today's challenge is one that I find absolutely necessary for our souls simply because God made this world for us to live in. We gotta take it all in!

Day 13
Go Outside
At least once a day starting today and to the end of the 15 day challenge, you will challenge yourself to spend even just 5 minutes outside. Watch the sunset from your balcony, run outside, have your morning coffee on the patio, walk the dog, whatever it takes to see the living world around you. I have really come to hate doing any cardio in the gym because I have become so inspired by what the world has going on around me. When I run outdoors, I feel connected to the world and closer to God. I notice the squirrels. LOTS of them! lol. The sun reflecting on the trees, couples doing their nightly walks together, dogs super excited to be going for a walk. . . it really is the simple things that help to make you feel alive and appreciative.

So how will you spend time outdoors today? Will you be working out or relaxing? Do share!

Day 13 Checklist:
Pray for your man or future man
Say "I love you" before bed
Start a journal
- Start drinking some water
- Go outside for at least 5 minutes

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