Monday, June 25, 2012

15 Day Love Boost Challenge - Day 11

Today starts the third part of the series where you focus on showing love for yourself! Of course just as with the last two parts, you will still be doing the tasks from the days past on top of the new ones for the next 5 days. Refer to the checklist at the end of the post to keep track of what we will be doing. :-)

Day 11
Journal Keeping
I was always a journal keeper and this probably could be why I am a blogger. It has a therapeutic quality to it to keep a journal whether it is spilling your soul or writing quirky thoughts on paper. When I was in my Advanced Composition class in college, we started every class with the first 5 minutes of just writing in our journals. It didn't matter what we wrote, we just had to do it non-stop, moving the pen whether words or not, just moving the pen on the paper for 5 minutes. If you are new to journaling, you can do the 5 minute writing exercise as a starting point. Are you one to need to have a purpose or theme for your journal? Keep a food journal of what you eat, a workout journal to keep track of progress, spill your personal thoughts, inspirational quotes you found, sketches of ideas, dump your negative thoughts in your journal as a way to say good-bye to them, or keep a dream journal and have fun analyzing them. These are all ideas, but whatever you do, just keep a journal for the next 5 days, and beyond if you like doing it! My journal might just be a hodgepodge of all those ideas, lol!

What do you think you will journal about? Is journaling a new thing for you? Do share!

Day 11 Checklist:
Pray for your man or future man
- Say "I love you" before bed
- Start a journal

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