Saturday, June 23, 2012

15 Day Love Boost Challenge - Day 9

Now we are onto the 4th day of this second part of the challenge where we show love in our relationships. We have a friend visiting from out of town and I have to say that it really helped in keeping me from saying anything negative at all! I guess I kinda cheated, lol.

Is anyone else finding that they are being more challenged as the days go and the list of stuff gets longer? It's fun isn't it? I like it!

Day 9
Pray for Him
Today you will begin praying for your husband/fiance/boyfriend. The praying just becomes more and more as the challenge goes huh? Faith is believing that while we cannot see it, that God is working behind the scenes. When it comes to prayer, God hears us. He knows our hearts and when we pray, we show that we need Him, that we love Him, and that we trust Him. It is important to go to bat for your man and if you are needing any ideas of what to pray about for your man, there is an amazing post from that lists 31 things to pray for your husband. If you are single, pray for your future husband. Pray that God will bring the right man into your life. Pray that you will be ready for when he does come. Pray that he has a God loving heart. Pray for that future man as if he already exists in your life because one day he will be. :-)

Day 9 Checklist:
- Pray for your man or future man

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