Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Why We Should "Honor the Space"

"Honor the space between no longer and not yet." 
- Nancy Levin

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Here is an actual excerpt from my personal journal:
"You really gotta wake up and be excited about life. And if you aren't, then you need to figure out a way to get yourself to that point. That means everyday choosing to make the choice. The conscious effort to not give in to that inner naysayer. Procrastination, fear, insecurities, just plain laziness. You gotta get up, show up and fight that fight." 

I really took a big leap of faith in finally making the choice to get out of a situation and living space that wasn't conducive to my soul's well-being. Where I was and the environment I was in was so toxic for me as I was drowning in anger, doubt and low confidence. I was at an ultimate breaking point where I couldn't neglect the things I loved anymore.

Two months ago I left that situation. It was drastic. It was dramatic. It was scary. I had no idea what to do next.

I am making new realizations daily that are helping me to cope with everything going on. It really is a big mess in my head. . . I know I am in the thick of it. That it will pass and time moves on. I'll be able to look back and know that this tough time proved to be a turning point in my story. The close of yet another chapter in my life but I am ready to embark on the new journey that is meant to be for me. For me to be healthy and finally be able to serve my God the way I long to. . . I've definitely lived a habit of neglecting my heart for too long. . .

The quote above really speaks to me lately. What does it mean to honor the space? Just like a sunrise, the darkness is now gone and the light reveals the brand new day. Taking the time to just sit in the sunrise and take in the beautiful colors and the quietness as the world wakes up.

This past Sunday had a message that applied a lot to what the quote speaks about. I took notes based on what the pastor had said were the steps you take once God has cleared the fog and you gear up to walk in faith into that space that was once fogged up.

Humility. Alignment. Invitation. Strength.

Accepting you are broken. Putting yourself before God as your Savior.

As you lay a broken mess, that is the fresh start you need to really change your life. Set a plan in motion to learn how to live. To live a more Godly life. What tools do you need? Who should you be spending time with and not spending time with? Make the necessary changes to get the journey moving toward where you are meant to be.

Open your heart. Give it to God. Let Go and Let God. It's FAITH time!

Prayer. Constant and transparent prayer. God will give you the strength you need.

That space between NO LONGER and NOT YET is a special time because the molding is happening. The strength is growing and faith is moving into your heart. It is a time to appreciate and be excited about!

That is all I have to say about that. I am a really big mess right now but I'm ready to do this! June is ME month!

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