Thursday, September 6, 2012

(DIY) Our Bar Project

This is the first post ever in my series titled DIY Projects! Any projects I work on for the home, for working out, on the blog or pretty much anything I decide to tackle hands-on will be found in this series. The first thing I thought I should feature is our own home bar! The hubs and I have no kids and we like to go out and have drinks with friends. However, our most fave place to go for drinks is home. It is cheaper and no one has to worry about getting home if they want to crash at our place. We have a great gazebo on our porch, a nice propane and charcoal grill with a smoker, a fire pit, beer pong table and no carpet to be concerned about. It is the perfect party home minus the fact that we don't have a bar! (We will grow up someday...)

So the hubs just built one out of extra wood he had left around and he promised it wouldn't be an eye sore! It is definitely a multi-stage project and we both have ideas with where the bar will go and how it will look. Once it is has all come together, I am thinking I might want to host monthly parties/gatherings for our friends and acquaintances. Maybe I'll actually throw that masquerade party I've always wanted to have for my birthday that is next month!

I'll be posting the bar's progress and any DIY projects we do related to the whole bar. Here is how it is looking so far:

Phase One: Get It Built
The hubs made it a bit tall for me but he assured me that we'd get bar stools so that it needed to be tall. The thing is practically as tall as me but I'm going to be hopeful that it is going to be awesome!

Phase Two: Get Some Color
Most of our furniture is in the brown, dark brown, cream realm of colors, but we both like black and the dining table is black, so black it is! The black makes it look so much better and that's only paint! I still want the corners rounded because I am terrified to scratch my face on it! I've already almost done that a few times and that is without drinking! lol. 

The hubs is talking lighting, I'm talking shelves for glasses, we are both talking bar stools, mini fridges and nice coasters. If our little home bar turns into our fave bar to visit, we may have to name it! Yep, you can definitely tell that we don't have kids!

Oh, and does anyone know if liquor stores give discounts for buying lots of alcohol? It can't be a bar without being stocked with at least the basic staples! Tell me what you think we definitely need to have on stock because all we drink is rum, whiskey and vodka. ;-)

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I'm Back!!!

I am back to the blogging world and I am excited to be devoting my time entirely to sharing what I can to inspire living strong in all aspects of our lives. This isn't a debut for this blog but it kind of feels like one since I have been out of the loop for a few months!

While I plan to post everyday if not most days of the week, I am approaching my blogging routine with a less strict schedule. This is something I learned from my previous blog that only led me to burnout. (Hmm, maybe I can do some posts on blogging tips!) So instead of regular posts on set days, there are regular series of posts that I post as I feel them in my heart. :-) If you stick around you'll see how things will be run.

Those of you who have been following me from my previous blog or just follow me on Twitter and Instagram, I have been silent a lot in those areas. So to kick off my comeback I thought I'd just give an update of what I've been up to while on my hiatus from social media. I also hope that this will be a sort of re-introduction of myself to any of you new visitors!

My Personal Life
I have been spending my summer in the sun as much as possible whether it be at the beach, the pool, a barbeque or floating on the river, I've been getting hooked to this Florida living!

I have also been hard at work with studying. I have been studying for such a long time that it hardly seems as though I'll ever take the personal training certification exam. However, I know it's going to happen and the plan is to do it before October (or before my birthday!)

With the hubs on his first solo flight
My Fitness Life
It has been a blessing that the hubs now has a passion to get to the gym with me! It is so motivating and such a crucial part of my success when he and I push each other when one of us just don't feel like doing anything. I've dropped in pants size and he is looking good (hey I'm his wife, I can say that!) ;-p

My Spiritual Life
I have to be honest here in saying that I have been slacking here. While I pray everyday and try to think of God in every aspect of my life, the growing part has been stagnant the past couple months. I pray that now that I am back to blogging and sharing my journey that I will feel more accountable to strengthen myself in this area. I can't be perfect, but the beauty is that we have a perfect God!

So this is my life and I share it with you. I will strive to be as open as possible in my successes as well as my struggles. I hope this inspires you to be open with me and to live STRONG in every area of our lives!

Mila says hi!

I'm so glad to be back! Be sure to Like The STRONG Life on Facebook to keep up to date on the latest posts!

~ Melina xo
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