Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Bucket List Challenge: Living Life Before 30

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They say change is good. And it is when you got it all figured out and all the pieces have finally fallen into place. Change, like constructing a new house, begins with a mess, a lack of vision of the final product when you look at it on the surface. But below that change is the blueprint. The plans that actually reveals that the mess is indeed organized because it is meant to create something beautiful.

I have reached a new stage in my life after my 29th birthday last month that had me freaking out a little. All of a sudden I am aware that my youth isn’t going to last forever...

(you mean I wasn’t always just going to be in my twenties with plenty of time to figure out what to do with my life?)

Starting over in my life, AGAIN, financially, emotionally, physically is hard. But I am alive! God is not finished with me yet if I still woke up this morning and am here to type this post!

I’m a mess right now. I really am. But I am ready to make changes. I have a new challenge for myself to be STRONG again. This last year in my twenties will be my year and to do that I am going to do a fun challenge that I will document about on the blog each month as I get closer to my next birthday.

I have a Twenties Bucket List that I have to complete before I am 30!

Things on this list are to help me stay focused on me, to be positive and to challenge me to really live my life rather than going through the motions. Each month will be a new bucket list item I have to complete.

This month of November’s challenge was to start my blogging again. So here I am!

I’m a writer so I must write. And I thought it would be fun to use my favorite platform to tell my story as I go through this journey of my monthly bucket list items.

I haven't planned out every month yet but here is what I have planned so far:

  • November – Return to blogging for real this time ...CHECK!
  • December – Join a gym and commit to a workout program
  • January - 
  • February - 
  • March - 
  • April – Take the Health Coach Certification Exam
  • May - 
  • June -
  • July – Paddleboard/Snorkel & Swim with Dolphins in Key West
  • August - Get a Tattoo
  • September – Run a 5k... or a 10k
  • October – New Wardrobe for my Vegas trip to celebrate my 30th and see Britney Spears' show.

I need your help with ideas for the other 5 months that I don't have anything for! What are some things that I should do before I turn 30? What are some things you have always wanted to do?

Give me some ideas in the comments below or LIKE The STRONG Life on Facebook and share your ideas for a Bucket List!

See you Friday!


Monday, November 24, 2014

Feel the FEAR. . . the story of a comeback

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If you were to look back at my archive of posts for this blog you will see a lot of different phases that I was in for my life for the last 3 years. I have been up and I have been down and back up again.  
Then this past year, I struggled with writing, blogging and journaling as I struggled with my spiritual journey.  

I fell back into faithless habits of wanting to take control and allowing various temptations to take over me by fooling myself into thinking that..well...that I had control.  

But I didn't. 

And life had a way of showing me that I really didn't have any control because I didn't give it to God anymore. For that I have paid the consequences... 

I am lost. I gained a lot of weight. I am in over my head in debt. I got selfish in my behaviors and I even ended my relationship. But the worst of it all was that I turned my back on God.  
Why would anyone know the formula to happiness, have it, and then throw it all away?  


I would tell myself things like, "Who am I to be saying this, or giving this advice or offering this tip?" 

Ummm. That is so stupid! 

I'm not the only one in the place that I am at in life! By not doing it, how on Earth could I potentially reach out to someone who can also do it and contribute their little bit of light into the world? Call me selfish with a capital "S". . . 

We all want to be successful. So why the heck would I not want to be successful?! I sabotage anything I do by not finishing what I started. I taught for a year, but I don't want to be compared to better teachers. . . I tried to be the perfect housewife when I was married and maybe even in my relationship with my boyfriend after but if I set a bar and didn't reach it, my partner would not love me. . . I became a trainer, but I didn't have a six pack like that other trainer did so why would anyone want to hire me? So I settled for fitness sales. . . but if I wasn't the top sales person, then I must suck. Forgetting the lives I impacted by just selling what I sold! 

See the trend? Many of us fall of into that trap.

I'd work for what I want, maybe see within my grasp a chance for what I really wanted and then sabotage it so that I couldn't reach that point of failure and start something else only to begin that cycle all over again.  
If I were to reach that goal that I have deemed my point of success then I'd open the doors for more criticism, for more chances to lose what I have. Instead of using my fears to fuel me to succeed, I used them to hold back. 

Wow this all sounds silly!

Which brings me to the next fear... 

What are my peers, friends and family going to think of me? 

They might think, "Oh here we go again, she's done this before,"

"So typical, she'll start and stop this thing..yet again..." 

Is this really what people are thinking of me? Does it really matter? Am I really that self-centered to think that other people who have their own issues and problems in life really care if I go at it again to do something positive in my life? 

In actuality, it doesn't matter. 

To those that want to judge, they aren't the ones I'm doing this for. 

To those who aren't judging and support me, that fuels me. 

To those who are indifferent and might stand to benefit from even one sentence I might type. . . 

So here I am. Starting back at the blogging thing. Trying to inspire the world when I barely have my life together, but there is no point to waiting until I have the "perfect" life to share my story because it will never be perfect. It is all on how we handle life and how we grow from it. I am terrified of my fears. 

And today will be the hardest day for me in a long time as I start my new journey but I will FEEL THE FEAR AND DO IT ANYWAY! 

Do any of these fears paralyze you?
What dreams have you been wanting to pursue? 
How have you been making yourself your biggest obstacle?

Feel free to share in the comments, share on the facebook page or answer those questions in a journal.

Follow my journey, learn little bits of inspiration and motivation as I learn them, and hopefully I might inspire you to share your journey with others with your God given platform!

LIKE The STRONG Life on Facebook and we can grow STRONG together!

~ Melina 

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Be a CHAMPION of your Mind Games

In this Fitness Resolution Series, I have been sharing tips to get you to stick to your goals and actually do it! I first had your state your general goal, then last week we talked about goal planning and now this week we will battle the biggest obstacle. Your MIND! How many times do we hear that we become our biggest enemy by discouraging ourselves, talking about ourselves . . . or being the most important person who doesn't believe in our dream?

I most certainly am guilty of that. Lately I have allowed myself to be consumed in negative thinking that I have discredited what I'm worth even when others encourage me. I know it is because I have been slacking in my relationship with the Lord, and even that has only slacked because of the devil filling my head with negative thoughts.

So one day I sat down with my BF and we brainstormed inspirational thinking and put together this acronym to help you on your way to positive thinking when it comes to looking at yourself in the mirror or how you approach each rep, each second of your workout!

Oh and as a side note, those of you who don't know, I used to be an English teacher and using acronyms to teach a concept is a fave among us teacher nerds! lol! So here it is:

C-onquer your minis
You already set up your mini-goals when you did the S.M.A.R.T Plan. What this does is prevent you from feeling defeated. For each mini step you complete you set your mind into a position of knowing that you are moving forward. Focus on the idea that it isn't about how far you have to go, but rather how far you have come!

H-old yourself up to a higher standard
Don't beat yourself up over things you shouldn't do or eat, but also hold yourself to a higher standard. Make the right choices but if you make a mistake, let it go. You must believe in yourself enough to know that a minor set back, a missed workout, eating 3 pizza slices, isn't the end! The next meal is the next chance to make it right. It ain't about winning every battle, it is about believing in yourself that you WILL win the war!

A-mple positivity
You must be present to your negative thoughts. Be active in your feelings throughout the day. If a negative thought comes in your mind, take a mental stop and fixate on the opposite of that thought. Keep a mini-notepad around and write the positive opposite down. When a down time come, as it will in any journey, you can pull out those thoughts and read them to lift yourself back up. Get on Pinterest and read inspirational quotes. I even have a whole board devoted to quotes I'll read often to motivate myself. You can check out my board HERE.

Encourage others. Get on Facebook and share quotes that you love. Get a partner, a buddy, someone you text or Facebook often to hold each other accountable. Get on MyFitnessPal and take part in a community of people wanting to make good food decisions. When you try to help others who want the same goals as you, you feel empowered. You will feel accountable. (I guess that is why I do this blog!)

P-ump yourself up 
Pick your own theme song. When you are feeling down or negative, play that song. Heck even football teams have a song that pumps them up when they run out on the field! Listen to it on the way to work, the gym, to your next social gathering, own yourself! My two songs are Britney Spears' (no surprise there) Work B**ch and Katy Perry's Roar.

AND because Pug Fest is tomorrow, I must share a pic of my beloved pug!

I need you to share with me any profiles you have: MyFitnessPal, Pinterest, Instagram. . . if you are on those sites, let's motivate each other! Also, what is your theme song? Maybe we can build a motivational playlist!

Comment below or comment on The STRONG Life Facebook Page. We got this!

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