Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Advocate for Caring: Why I choose AdvoCare

I have been making a lot of changes in my life regarding what I am doing and who I am associating with in order to keep positivity in my life. There are things I have always wanted to do and with my Bucket List for my 29th year of life before turning 30, I want to do these things I've wanted to do unapologetically and without care of what others think. I am looking to make myself a better person and to love myself again and to make my mark in the world. This blog is my platform and I am so excited to start my journey and document it in the hopes to inspire even one person!

Recently I joined AdvoCare as a Distributor because I want a challenge. Direct sales companies are about relationships and when I look at what I am passionate about, it is in making new relationships. I love people!


I have been wanting to be passionate about something. I know writing is where my heart lies, but in fitness I have always wanted to be like the fitness models who have a brand they love and believe in when it comes to fitness. It is no secret that to be healthy, or to do something the healthy way, and for help to reach goals, that supplements need to be embraced as a part of any workout/fitness regiment. I am passionate about Apple, about Mercedes, about Nike, about Publix. . . but when it comes to supplements, I may buy from this store or from that direct business distributor and never stick to a certain line of products. But I have always wanted to. Something about those direct businesses always fascinated me…

So why now? 

We’ve all heard of the many different companies out there; I loved them all really! Like I said, they are about relationships. But AdvoCare stuck out to me because of a great lady I met and because of the stage of my life I am in right now.


Yes, you can go to GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, Complete Nutrition, etc. Buy what you need and leave the store. You never really have a connection with the guy behind the counter and after you leave there, you can’t just call that guy up with random questions and have him around to support you through the way as you work towards your goals. 
Accountability is one of the keys to success by selling or using a certain product, I know that I would care for and support my customers because they would be my clients as well. You also get a team mentality when like-minded people are in and doing the same thing together. 

Advocate for Caring

After getting off the phone with one of the fellow AdvoCare people, I realized that she said something that took her a while to get and wanted to share with me. The name of the company. We become advocates for caring. Another thing that pulled at me was the company’s mission statement. I have always wanted to be those crazy people that wear the shirts, use the product, and are excited about it. With this year being my Bucket List year before turning 30, why not just finally do what I’ve always wished to do. I know I can rock it!

Leadership and Support

Just from the initial people I have been talking to I have felt the passion and the drive of people in this business. To have the opportunity to be around people who can be mentors for me, to influence me to be more powerful with my life, to have those people available to help me plan for my goals and help achieve them and cheer me along the way. . . 
I am excited to be apart of something where the people are positive. If anything, I am ready to be in the business of positive leaders who are in the business of creating more positive leaders who are advocates for caring.

To get started I will be doing a 24-Day Challenge in January to begin my own journey and my testimonial to healthier choices. I am so excited to start something new and be connected to new and positive people!

If you would like to do the 24-Day Challenge with me comment below or head over to The STRONG Life Facebook Page and message me. It would be fun to have a group doing it together starting in January!

See you in a few days with a Pep Talk!
~ Melina

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

5 Life Lessons from Ice Skating

It is holiday season time and in Florida it is really hard to feel that season when it is in the 80’s and there is no snow anywhere to be found! But the skating rink? Well, there is the solution. As we drive past the palm trees in our tanks and flip flops on the way to the rink, we get to our little piece of winter and then get dressed up for the ice. You see people dressing up in warm socks, gloves, scarves, hats and coats. Seeing everyone dressed for the cold brings back that nostalgia of home (my home being Oklahoma) in the winter time. . .

I went ice-skating for the first time in years a few days ago and I had a blast feeling like a kid. And afterwards I felt alive as one should when doing something different than is usually done on a day to day basis. Then my nerdy self got to thinking of how symbolic of life ice skating can be. I think this way because I am an English nerd with the curse of the need to always analyze and find deeper meaning in everything!

I came up with 5 lessons on life that ice skating taught me:

Bumpers – What you think protects you can actually hinder you

You won’t get any progress in anything unless you jump in and just do it. Why have the bumpers? Is it because you are afraid to fall? Is it because you want to go fast and because you aren’t ready to go fast yet, the bumper helps you to do it without falling? You have to just do what it is you want to do without any “cheating” and you can’t make yourself be at a certain level of something without having earned it, worked for it, learned from the journey of attaining it.

Falling – Fall ten times and get back up eleven.

Every time I have ice-skated in the past it probably took me over an hour to get the hang of it and then I would be on my way. This was because I was so scared of falling and I refused to fall. I would see others fall and think how silly they looked. I don’t want anyone to see me look that silly falling! But this time, I fell! I fell quite a few times and I even fell with a bumper! LOL! I realized that while it hurt or that my clothes got all wet from the ice all over me that I actually had FUN falling! It was fun to not care. It was fun to not be afraid because I’d just get back up and start again. I wasn’t going to leave the rink! Who cares what I look like, everyone is looking like that. The ones who are falling are actually doing. The ones who aren’t are stuck not getting any better because of being hindered by fear.

Crashing – Accepting what is out of our control will just happen

There are so many people everywhere and kids with no direction at all, it is inevitable that there are going to be crashes with people into people. I was on a bumper going fast and a kid got all wobbly near me and then got way too close that I moved to avoid running into the kid, but just as I did that I plowed my bumper into this lady like I was in a bumper car trying to get to first place! I felt so bad and embarrassed but then realized that it is the nature of the beast when you go to a rink with skaters of all levels. We all had to be aware that someone might crash into us. We take that risk going in. Things in life are just a part of the process and we have to accept that they will happen. We can do our best but when something that is out of our control is to happen, we have to embrace it as a learning experience.

Going Slow - No need to rush to the finish line when you have so much to learn from the process.

When I skate, I go slow until I can get my confidence to go a bit faster. It may take me all day. I remember skating for 3 hours in the past and right when everyone was ready to go, that was when I finally had the hang of it and wanted to keep going. I didn’t have 3 hours this time, but I had more fun when I let go of the bumper and just skated. Maybe I wasn’t twirling and turning but I was moving forward. I know with time and direction that I too could be moving smoothly but it was nice to let go and know I didn’t have to be a pro. I only needed to have fun. Just like with life. The joy is in the journey and it may be a slow process but that only teaches you to slow down and enjoy your life. It will pass by anyway. Make the decision in your mind that you KNOW you will get to where you want to be, so go at the pace that you have peace with and are comfortable with moving at and go enjoy the journey!

Let it Go - Forget about what brings you down and just take in the moment

We are on the ice and it is cold and that Frozen song came on and all of a sudden there was a different air in the room. The kids where singing, the skaters in the middle of the rink were “performing” . . I felt like I was surrounded by joyous little Disney princesses! How simple life can be in moments like that. And the message of the song to let it go is a powerful one indeed. Let it go and be unapologetically YOU! 

So there is my mini-essay and now I want to know which of these lessons you feel most drawn to on how it applies to your life? 

Comment below or leave a comment on The STRONG Life Facebook Page!


Friday, December 5, 2014

Pep Talk Friday: It Don't Matter

Past is past. Let it go.

Guess what?
I’m not crying over what you didn’t do. I’m going to guess you aren’t crying about what I didn’t do either. . .

Do you find yourself looking at your to-do list and dwelling on what wasn’t done? What about what you had done?

I had two days in a row off from working out and I skipped on Wednesday’s post, but I ran everyday, I joined a Yoga studio (another bucket list item down!) I met a new friend and joined a month long group that really made me feel good after just the first meeting.
Plus, I still have tomorrow! Every day is a new chance to start again.

My week wasn’t 100% but I am proud of what I did accomplish this week.

Besides, doesn’t it just get old beating yourself up over something you didn’t get around to? What does that accomplish anyway?

One step back, two steps forward. That means you keep moving forward even with the set backs. Ain’t that good news!?

What kinds of things did you want to accomplish this week but didn’t? Pick one, then think of two things you did accomplish. 

Tell us in the comments below or LIKE The STRONG Life on Facebook and leave a comment there about your two steps forward victory this week!

Therefore . . you win.


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