Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Money Talks and People Kill for Less


Are you one of those people, like me, who battles with being committed to a fitness program? The hardest part about starting a program and sticking to it is overcoming all of the external factors of life that do their best to keep us from reaching our goals. For years I have been an off-and-on person always gaining and then losing what I gained and gaining it back again. Then for a couple years I had the taste of what it feels like to live fitness as a lifestyle where I didn’t even have to think about it. I just did it. 

Then after a few life altering events happened, I just stopped. 40 pounds up. There was no yo-yo happening anymore. I got past that point. I was just going to keep gaining if I didn’t make a drastic change. I used to be able to push myself until I made it routine, but I have changed so much mentally in the negative direction this past year that I just couldn’t commit to anything! I had no follow through bone in my body!

Finances became the ocean that drowned me and it is going to be a long time before I can recover. However, God has blessed me with a great job and I am at the point of being able to invest in myself more. My mentality with money is still cheap as they come and I’m not one to put myself above having to pay the phone bill or the electric.

However, when I analyzed what I was spending money on out of feeling down or lazy? . . . Well. . . a burger here, a bottle of wine there, pizza, cups of coffee. . . Those were adding up and showing up on my body. The money was being spent anyway!

We all have a breaking point where enough is enough. I am at mine and of course God has great timing and so I was able to join a Weight Loss Challenge. I just jumped in, dropped the money and committed (the feared auto pay! eek!). I am a penny pincher and the thought of so much money being taken away makes me cringe. Especially when I remember how I felt on times when it was either food or light or gas until next payday. But this time it is for something that is worth it. Someone is going to win the $10,000 for the National Challenge, why not me?! 

Are the odds against me? Yes. 
Does my mind and my heart care about that? No. 
Aiming high never hurt anyone!

I know I am on the path to truly change my life and to help others get out of that pit of despair and self-loathing that I was (am still) in. Truthfully, I’m still clawing my way out of that pit but I am convinced that I will get out!

Money talks y’all! I am putting a lot of money for this membership and I am using it to the max that I can! I am fighting to win the prize money! And when I feel down and want to give up, I tell myself over and over, “People kill for less!”

The shot of $10,000 without having to go to prison? Yep, that 5am class is much more worth it. ;-p

(Do you journal? Take these questions to paper!)
What are the factors that hold you back from reaching or maybe even starting your goals?
What are things you have started and not completed? What stopped you?
What things come first in your life right now that you put above yourself?
What can you give up to be closer to being able to put yourself first and loving yourself better?

What activity can you do today to bring you closer to your goal?
List all of the steps you believe you need to do to start your journey to your goal. 
Rank them from easiest to hardest and start with the easy!

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