Sunday, June 17, 2012

15 Day Love Boost Challenge - Day 3

How did Day 2 go? I actually opened up my devotion email yesterday and put a Bible Verse thing by my bedside. It's this thing that has a card with a verse on it and you change it everyday. Here is a pic for you to see what I mean:

Kind of a two-fer huh? Giving thanks and a verse! I kinda forgot to give thanks the moment I woke up but when I turned the card for today's scripture it gave me that verse to read that made me give thanks! God does have a sense of humor doesn't he? I love it!

So now for today you will give thanks if you haven't already, read something from the Bible and do today's task for the challenge. I'll provide you a checklist everyday of what you will do each day as the challenge progresses since it could be difficult to remember everything especially once you get to Day 15 when you will have 15 tasks to do!

Today's task will incorporate that journal or notebook I told you about. I'm excited to use my cute new notebook! Or you could just use a piece of paper you pin on your bulletin! Whichever you prefer!

Day 3
Prayer List
You know those times when someone asks you to pray for them or you tell someone that you'll be praying for them? Are you like me and pray at that moment but then forget later on? I mean it is easy to pray for the big things because who can forget if something big is going on, but what about the little things? Like when you you see a status update on Facebook from your Aunt Sue asking for people to please pray for her? That's easy to keep scrolling and forget if you are just seeing it in passing. So today's task is for you to begin a prayer list. Where every time you come across a prayer request from someone, or every time you find yourself telling someone that you'll keep them in your prayers, write their name down on that list. And whenever you find yourself in a quiet time or when you find you are in a prayer time, pull out your list. Pray for those you have on your list and this way you won't forget! In your daily life you could pray for each person individually or as a grouping, everyday or occasionally when you remember, but for this challenge, you will pray for the people on your list every day in this challenge. Maybe you'll see what the power of prayer can do in these next few days!

Alright, I'm gonna get to writing my list. I have a few people already in mind that I know need prayer. :-) Be sure to Like The Strong Life on Facebook so that we can talk and share!

Day 3 Checklist
- Start a Prayer List and pray for those people on your list

Oh yeah, and go hug or call or remember your Dad's. :-) It's Father's Day! <3

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