Saturday, June 16, 2012

15 Day Love Boost Challenge - Day 2

How was Day 1 for you? Did you remember to give thanks? Did you give thanks right after reading the post while it was on your mind? I cheated and was able to give thanks right when I woke up since I already knew the challenge going into my day yesterday.

I also went to Target and got a cute small spiral notebook to prep for a few of the challenges we will be doing. So if you want to do that before those challenges come, go ahead!

Remember, each challenge will continue for each day, so today you should have given thanks when you woke up this morning and you will do that for the remainder of the challenge. (Though it won't hurt if you kept going beyond the challenge!) You'll do what you do today for the remainder of the challenge, and so on to where when we get to day 15, you'll have 15 tasks to complete that day! Maybe I'll put a quick checklist at the end of each post so that you can keep track of what you will do each day.

So now for your next challenge! Remember that the first 5 days of the challenge will focus on showing your love for God.

Day 2
Bible Everyday
What is the best way to stay connected to God? Why read his word of course! Your task for today is to read from the Bible. This means you will need to set a way to get scripture to your eyes or ears everyday whether it be one line, a passage or a whole chapter. You can do a devotional, open up the bible to a random part, do a reading plan or subscribe to something that sends you an email everyday.
Need some ideas? Here are some of the ways that I do it. I have to admit. I don't always open my iphone bible app everyday and sometimes I just go on an email deleting spree and not open the devotional emails I get, but for this challenge, I will get back into that habit!
YouVersion - an app that brings the bible to your phone in many versions and languages. They now do a verse of the day that you can quickly open and read, or you can start a devotional or reading plan within the app. It also will send you a reminder which is really helpful! - You can subscribe to certain newsletters and to devotionals. Great site!

What tools do you use? Or do you stick with simply opening the Bible? Do you happen to have a devotional Bible?

Share what you are going to do to get your eyes or ears seeing or hearing the scripture in your daily life! You can comment below (I think I fixed the comment form to allow you to comment without having to be logged in to something) or you can check out and Like The Strong Life's Facebook Page! Not only can we converse about the challenges there but you can be sure not to miss a single day in the challenge!

Day 2 Checklist:
- Start a routine to have exposure to the Bible everyday

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