Wednesday, June 27, 2012

(TWL) Training Husbands

I am excited to be posting my first post for The Wifely Life series which is a continuation of my former series, Marriage Monday, from my other blog, Wedding Pickle. When I had posted, the posts are on the serious side and personal side. Today I thought I'd share a more light-hearted side to marriage! It is a lifetime of ups and downs but the little things in married life are what make those memories we cherish as we grow in our relationship.

The title gives away what I am headed towards for today. I actually was inspired to talk about this when I was watching an episode of Pregnant in Heels from Bravo. One couple was concerned about the behavior of their dog for when the baby arrives, and the wife was wanting to also train her husband. She seemed very particular on how she wanted things done and the husband was not so much.

This got me thinking about the possibility of actually training our husbands, lol. I remember my aunt and mom always saying funny things implying that you gotta train your man early because once you get married, you can forget about fixing what you want changed. Of course, a lot of things don't show up until after you are married for a small bit. I don't really think I'd want to "train" the hubs on anything that would make him different than from who he really is but I have to wonder if on some of my pet peeves if maybe training is possible. . .

When I had this in my mind I made a few observations of some things my husband did that I always ask him to do complain about. :-p (something I am working on not doing so much!)

One is that he always throws the bath towel over the shower rod instead of putting it back on the towel rack. Another is that I'm a tad OCD with certain things and locking the bedroom door before bed is one of my weird things that I have to do or else I can't sleep! (Anyone else do that?) Anyway, he would come to bed and forget to lock the door before getting into bed that I have to make him get back up to lock it.

One day when I asked if he would put the towel back for me, I went to the the bathroom for a pee break and found the towel on the rack where it was supposed to be. I didn't even nag, I just mentioned it in passing and he did it!

Another day, he had to go to bed before me because he had an early flight and I had a Thunder game to watch. When I went to go to our room, I was locked out. I didn't even ask. I wasn't even in bed with him. He did it out of habit I guess?

So does this mean we can train our husbands by not nagging, asking nicely, and making something habit enough that he starts to do things without asking?


It's not a consistent change, but the fact that it pops in his mind once in a while just makes me adore him!

What things would you like to "train" your man to do? What things is he practically trained in doing? Do you find that in having a mutual respect of each other's requests that you both tend to do them more? If you could have a "Husband Obedience School" what habit would you fix?

Do share in the comments below or take it to The Strong Life's Facebook page where I'd love to hear from you! They can be silly, something small or something big!

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