Sunday, June 24, 2012

15 Day Love Boost Challenge - Day 10

I didn't realize how lazy I was going to be today, but we had a friend staying with us from out of town, and yesterday we went on a float trip. I was so tired after yesterday that I didn't even wake up 'till about noon today! So I apologize for not getting today's challenge up early but this challenge doesn't happen until you go to bed anyway!

Day 10
Nightly Words of Love
This might be something that is already a habit of yours, but you might also be in a rut of routine where even saying "I love you" to your man is something a bit on autopilot. I am pretty good at saying these simple but important words when we are saying goodbye, or hanging up, and even before bed. However, going to bed these past few weeks, I have felt that maybe we pass out with few words exchanged, or maybe we say "goodnight" and that's about it. So for tonight and the rest of the nights in this challenge series, we will be sure to say "I love you" to our men before bed. Not "love you" but "I love you". The shortened version is a huge pet peeve of mine! If you are not with your man at the end of your days, call him or text him to tell him those 3 words. Single ladies, why not tell the Lord how much you love him? :-)

How many things off the checklist did you get done today while waiting for today's challenge? I am up to five so far. :-/ I'll do better tomorrow, today was just way too lazy of a day! Tomorrow starts the last part of the series where you work on showing love for yourself! I'm excited!

Day 10 Checklist:
- Pray for your man or future man
- Say "I love you" before bed

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