Monday, June 11, 2012

Intro to The Wifely Life (TWL) Series!

I initially started this as a series on my wedding and marriage blog, Wedding Pickle, called Marriage Mondays. As I make the transition to making this my full time blog, I decided to keep the essence of the Marriage Monday series and bring them to this blog newly named "The Wifely Life".

What this series documents is my growth and woes as a newlywed wife. Okay, so I've been married nearly 2 years now, but being that I have still so much learning to do in my journey as a wife trying to serve God and my husband, I still consider myself a newlywed! Also, being a USMC wife, I'm always learning and adapting my life. Heck, I've lived in 4 homes and 3 states in just under 2 years! It's crazy!

It is my hope that with this series that I can be an open book where you can relate to what I'm going through and hopefully by reading these posts, you can feel not alone in your own marriage ups and downs! Some posts may be funny and others may be serious. So hopefully they are fun and interesting to read!

A part of living a Strong Life (as a married woman) is to work in having a strong marriage by being a strong wife. That's The Wifely Life!

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