Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Live Fit Trainer

I am so excited to be starting this program and excited to be documenting my progress for the next 12 weeks. Even better is that my husband is starting it with me. He didn't choose to, I just told him that he will be! He wants to get fit and while he'd probably rather do his own thing, but since he isn't making himself go to the gym, I'm making him be my partner in fitness crime.

I'm hoping that by taking this journey that I can inspire others as well as finally reach my goals! I'm keeping a daily journal of my moods, workout notes and challenges and I figured I'd post up a weekly progress post summing up my journal notes. I definitely wanna share that getting THERE is never easy and that there is NO magic or cheat way to get there. ("There" being the dream body we women dream of) So I'm openly going to share my struggles and triumphs. I'm definitely going to be praying for dedication since I tend to get bored or hit horrible slumps.

Here's to being a Strong.

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