Thursday, June 28, 2012

15 Day Love Boost Challenge - Day 14

It's been a pretty busy day, but any moment that I had to sit down and open my computer, the Internet was down! With it being down all day, I'm posting late again. Ugh. I'll be writing tomorrows challenge tonight so that nothing gets in the way!

Anyway, so two days left of this challenge! How have you been doing? I know it has definitely been tougher to keep up with so many things each day but it is fun for me. :-)

Day 14
Strike a Pose
I'm sure you have heard that Yoga is great for your mind and body. It is an amazing stretch that makes you feel relaxed and helps with balance and flexibility. The reason I think it is important to do something like Yoga is that it is a good way for clearing your mind. I find it to be a sort of reset button for my soul. If Yoga is already a part of your daily routine, then you are set for today's task. If it is all new for you, then this should be fun! My hope is that by getting a little taste, that you will want to add more of these "resetting" moments to your life which I find to be necessary for us to stay at one with ourselves. Last week I posted a routine that is going to be a part of a Yoga Mix series for this blog. Do Yoga With Me has several free videos at different lengths for you to try as well. Another site that is useful is Yoga Journal where they have a pose index that explains how to do all the poses. For today, if you are new to Yoga, go to the pose index, pick a pose and do it for 5 breaths. Just one pose is easy to try right? How did that feel? If that felt good, pick another! For tomorrow, the last day of the challenge, pick a routine from Do Yoga With Me or do my Yoga Mix, or try a Yoga class in your area!

The Yoga Mix series on my blog is really my way of exposing myself to many poses to get familiar with them since I'd like to teach Yoga someday (that someday probably being a couple years, but someday!) I decided to share those on my blog, which is just 6 random moves, just in case someone would like to just get exposed and like having a routine set before them. :-) You can do any moves you want, buy dvds, or check out the sites I mentioned above!

Day 14 Checklist:

Have you always wanted to try Yoga? Is Yoga something you already do? What are your thoughts on the practice? Do share!

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