Wednesday, June 20, 2012

15 Day Love Boost Challenge - Day 6

I had a horrible run this morning. My body felt tired and my soul felt tired. Maybe it's one of my down days, maybe it's the time of the month, maybe it was from the OKC Thunder loss last night ;-p. Whatever it was, I had my best time in a long time yesterday to my worst time in a long time today. You win some, you lose some right?

So far this morning I've done 4 out of the 5 tasks from the last 5 days, but today we begin a new part of this challenge! The first five days focused on our Love with God. These next five days will focus on our Love with our significant other. As I said yesterday, my focus is on building stronger marriages, but I also recognize that you single ladies out there will be wives someday! So, I'll provide alternatives for you!

The idea is that, and this is what I strongly believe in, that we should focus on God first, our marriage second and ourselves third. If you have kids, you probably are saying it should be God, marriage, kids, then you and that is okay, just know that your being and your mental/physical health is important for you to be better at caring for those you love and for serving God.

Okay, onto Part Two of this challenge!

Day 6
Hold Your Tongue
Ever get run down by negative thoughts about your man? Do you keep it bottled inside and/or snap at him? Do you end up arguing about things that really don't matter but only become damaging to the relationship? Sometimes we can get so run down and so emotionally tired that we don't even think about how mean we can be. For example, the hubs and I are watching tv and it is always a show I'm sick of seeing. A dumb line or scene that annoys me comes on and all of a sudden I'm snapping at my husband for making me watch the same shows that are re-runs everyday. But when he gives me the remote, I snap again saying there isn't anything on tv that I want to watch. What did my snapping do for us? Absolutely nothing good for our relationship! Had I kept my comment to myself, and let him laugh, I could have let him enjoy his moment to unwind after coming home from a stressful flight he had that day. It is about looking beyond the surface of the thing that we want to complain or snap about. Looking at how it can affect him and our relationship. So today's challenge and for the remaining of these 15 days you will focus on not saying anything negative. Not. A. Thing. If you find yourself wanting to nag or complain, really focus on pausing. Think of a better way to say something. Think of a way to say it in a positive tone, or decide if it is really worth saying at all. In life we gotta pick our battles. Save our energies. If we waste our energies on things that build up walls, we won't have any energy to get through the things that really matter in life. If you are single, focus on how you talk to others at work, at home, your family, and your friends. What's that old cliche line? If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all! :-)

Alright so now that I have given reason to only speak positive to your man (or to the people in your life), now I need to do the same! No lie, this is something I have struggled a lot with lately with my hubs. So if you find this to be a tough challenge, I'm right there with you! Think before we speak? Easier said than done, but we can do it!

Day 6 Checklist:
- Hold your tongue when you want to say something negative

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