Monday, June 18, 2012

15 Day Love Boost Challenge - Day 4

How were your prayer lists? Did you feel like it was a long list? If you did I just wanted to make mention that the list is for those who have asked for prayer or those who you have mentioned praying for. Otherwise we would spend hours listing everyone we love right? Really, I think as long as those you love are in your heart, God knows that.

So yesterday we had 3 tasks to do in one day. See it's not so hard for all of these challenges to build on each other right? Today you will do the three tasks from the last three days and then add today's task! Refer to the checklist at the end of this post for a to-do list of what you should be doing today. :-)

Day 4
Christian Music
When I lived in OKC, my hometown, I had the privalege to get to work downtown. Of course that meant having a commute and every morning I listed to my fave station K-Love. I don't really remember when this was or where I was when I heard it, but they once did a 30 day challenge of only listening to Christian music. The idea is that other music can bring sinful thoughts to mind, or distract you from God. Now I love me some Nikki Minaj and Katy Perry, but I find that when I listen to Christian music that I feel closer to God. In fact, I feel a healing presence within me.
So for today, and the remaining of this challenge, lets only let our ears be exposed to music of worship! You may already have a station you listen to from time to time or you may need to be doing some scanning of your stations to find the Christian music station in your area. Or you can use Pandora or Spotify to play your worship tunes. I have a Sanctus Real station (one of my fave bands) on my Pandora that plays amazing music.   :-)

When do you typically listen to music? Do you get K-Love in your city? What's your fave band or song? You can share in the comments or take it to The Strong Life's Facebook Page! Please 'Like'! I'd love to connect with you!

Day 4 Checklist:
- Listen to only Christian music 

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