Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Yoga Mix - One

Since about February, I've been incorporating Yoga into my workout routine, but if you have seen my workout calendar for this month, it seems like I am biting off more than I can chew. Half way through this 2nd week of the first month of my 6 month plan, I'm finding that Yoga is taking a back seat to my cardio and weight training. I keep finding that putting in my 30 minute Yoga DVD isn't happening and I'm beginning to think that I like more just doing the Yoga exercises while my tv show is on, or while the food bakes in the oven.

I get that it probably defeats the breathing focusing and the meditation aspect of Yoga, but for my current fitness goals, it works for me. (using yoga for flexibility and balance) As far as the mind and spiritual aspect of Yoga, running does that for me! 

I love when I do a good stretch, and I feel so refreshed and not to mention accomplished when I can balance on one leg longer than my hubs can! lol. 

So to fit Yoga in where I just get up in the middle of the living room without setting a specific time aside or hogging up the tv with the DVD, or needing a time of peace and quiet where I can hear the video playing on my laptop or phone, I'm just going to have a set of moves I learn and do for the week. This is also just fun for me and I thought I'd share it with you! :-)

I found this app called, Pocket Yoga, that has this cute library of all the Yoga exercises. Each week I'm just going to scroll and press to pick out 6 exercises. This way I can expose myself to new moves and hopefully learn more since I'd love to teach it someday!

I'll be doing this specific routine for at least 2 days this week holding each pose for 5 deep breaths. I used the names from the list of Poses from the Pocket Yoga App, some of the poses are variations of the poses that I have linked to from Yoga Journal. The app is $2.99, free when I got it, so it bums me out to recommend a non-free app. However, it really does have a good pose library with really good descriptions. Of course you can always Google search these poses!

Yoga Mix One
1. Revolved Chair - lower back stretch
2. Gorilla (Big Toe Pose) - hamstrings, calves stretch
3. Mountain with Arms Up - strengthens thighs, knees, ankles
4. Supported Shoulder Stand - stretches shoulders and neck, tones legs, butt
5. Warrior Twist - opens chest, stretches pec minor
6. Seated Forward Bend - Stretches spine, shoulders, hamstrings

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