Thursday, June 21, 2012

15 Day Love Boost Challenge - Day 7

Yesterday was the toughest of the tasks in this challenge for me. I completely and utterly FAILED! Even when I griped I was aware that I was doing it but his reaction to it made me mad and I kept going. I really struggle with this a lot these days, granted the time of the month doesn't help (TMI?) lol. Oh well, today is another day, another chance to hold back my tongue.

Today's task really complements yesterday's. That whole if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all thing? Today is about saying something nice!

Day 7
Kind Words
There might be days that you think of something nice and never verbalize it. "He put his dish in the sink, I should thank him". "He looked good going to work this morning, I should tell him". "He put in extra hours at work so that we could spend more on our trip, I should tell him that I appreciate him". Tell him something kind today. The kind of words that build him up. It could be a thanks, it could be a compliment. It could also be telling him something you like about him. Or if he does something you like, something that makes you happy, tell him. I think guys need to be told and reminded when they are doing something right. I know that sometimes I feel like my guy has no clue that he did something nice or something that I noticed in a good way unless I say it. Positive reinforcement will make them want to do it more right? Sounds like training a dog when you give them treats, but in this case, it is the kind of thing that encourages positivity in the marriage. The things we hang on to when things get tough. The things that keep us connected. If you are single, say something nice to someone you know with a complement or a thank you. Give kind words today, and for every day left of this challenge. Hopefully it will catch on to become habit!

Day 7 Checklist:
- Say something nice 

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