Friday, June 22, 2012

15 Day Love Boost Challenge - Day 8

This second part of the series is really tough on me for some reason! Since I screwed up on the Day 6 task, I focused soooo hard to not screw it up on Day 7 by not saying anything negative that I don't even know if I did the task for Day 7 or not! (Which was to say something nice)

Now I do got something nice to say about something that I absolutely have to give a shout-out to! (Love my grammar? I do "got" something instead of "have" something? ;-p It's the Okie in me!) Speaking of Oklahoma. . .

The game last night was painful to watch and I think my mood the past few days has been directly related to how we played each game with the Miami Heat. But looking back at the season and how far our team has come not only for this season but ever since they had started in OKC, they have accomplished so much when no one outside of Oklahoma believed they could! I could go on forever about this team, so I'll stop here. I'm a proud Thunder fan! No matter where I live my team and my state will always be my heart!

We still have 3 days left of showing love in our marriage and relationships. Let's make it count!

Day 8
One Touch
Remember when your husband/fiance/boyfriend and you first started dating or flirting with each other? Do you remember how you felt when you would get a simple touch from him? When he would hold your hand or touch the small of your back as if to tell the whole world that you were his girl? I remember those days, and while a simple touch from him now doesn't make me giddy, it does make me feel warm in my heart. I feel loved and my heart feels safe. I guess that's the mature version of giddy love and it is very important to keep up. For today and the rest of the 15 Day Love Challenge, you will do one touch. Just one simple touch each day. Hold his hand. Touch his shoulder as you walk past. Kiss his forehead when you hand him his glass of water. Hug him before he walks out the door. Mad at him? Do it anyway. Just do it once everyday. Of course you can do it more if you like! A touch is a reassurance that the love is still there. He will love it! I suspect you will too. <3 Now for you single ladies, "touch" someone you love and care about. It can be physical, like giving your father a hug, or it can be through any way of communication you have that is non-verbal. Send a text, an email, or post on someone's timeline on Facebook each day. Pick an old friend one day, a new friend another day, a family member tomorrow, anyone you can "touch" that day to make them feel loved. Then you will do this every day for the remaining of this challenge series. Even a simple "Hello!" will do!

This one luckily isn't too hard for me to do. I am thankful that showing affection is still something we do, but to be conscious of it will make me appreciate it more. I hope it does the same for you! How do you plan to give your one touch today? Do share!

Day 8 Checklist:
- Do one simple touch

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