Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Resolution to Train Mean!

You might have seen at the side of the blog the main categories include Training Mean, Eating Clean and Inspiration. Since I'm easing myself back (ideally at least one post of each category a week) I'm doing one or two posts to help myself reach my end goal of being a blogger again!

So when I thought (lots of thoughts) on what to start with for my first real post I figured, "Might as well go with Training Mean!"

Working in the fitness industry the most common thing I see, well we all see, is that come New Years we are all gonna lose weight! Right?

Not gonna lie. . .

I'm one of them, I already admitted that I have gained 30 pounds last year. . . :-/

The bottom line is we all wanna feel better, be better, and let's be honest in our vanity, we wanna look good. However, what good is looking good if we don't feel good? (the purpose of my blog!) ;-)

But like I mentioned before I'm going to focus this post on Training Mean so we will look at the mental development of that.

Alright, so take out that journal or piece of scrap paper, and write your New Years Resolution for Fitness. You will use that for the next few steps that I think might help you keep on track. In the blogging world, this is what we call a set up for a Blog Series! For the next 4 weeks I will have posts focused on getting that Fitness Resolution to happen.

I guess if I am making you do this, I'll do it too. . .

My New Years Fitness Resolution is:

Now it is your turn! Share in the comments below or head on over to The STRONG Life Facebook Page to let me know. In fact, if you want to take a pic like I did, post it on the Facebook Page! One of the keys to success is accountability ya know!

Next week I'll cover the first step towards making sure you stick with it.

No go. Tell me. What is your New Year Fitness Resolution?

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